The development of your baby in the 13th weeks of pregnant and what to expect. Congratulations! You have now officially reached the second trimester. It’s unbelievable what happened during the time until the 13th week of pregnancy. The most important body structures have already been formed, and now the inner organs are also taking up their work. The liver secretes bile and the pancreas produces insulin. In the kidneys, urine is formed, through which waste materials (into the amniotic fluid) are transported. The part of your child’s intestinal system, once in the umbilical cord, completely moves back into the abdomen where it has enough space for the foetus.

13 Weeks Pregnant what to Expect-Symptoms 

Now 13 Weeks Pregnant what to expect,The structure of the brain is already created, which rapidly increases in mass. Due to this rapid development, in the 13th week of pregnancy the head accounts for nearly half of your baby’s overall size. At the beginning of your pregnancy, the head-to-body ratio was even 1: 1. Over the next few months, however, the small body will grow rapidly and the relationships will equalize. At birth, the child’s head will only be a quarter of its total length. Within the second trimester, your gynecologist will then again examine the exact size ratio of head, trunk, arms and legs by ultrasound.

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In the course of this second large sonography also the gender of your child will be determined. In 13th weeks pregnant what to expect,can only be detected with good luck and a very accurate ultrasound device. Nevertheless, a lot is happening here as well. In the female fetus, an even impenetrable cavity is created between the vaginal plates. Here, the so-called hymen forms, which tear down a little at birth, but usually later then fully opened with the first intercourse. Until recently, both sexes could not be distinguished externally. From now on, the sex will be more and more apparent. The female fetuses grew until the 13th weeks of pregnancy forming a phallus. This growth now comes to a standstill and it develops from the clitoris. Have a little more patience: Soon your gynecologist will be able to make a sure statement whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

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Even with regard to the first child movements, you must still be patient in the 13th week of pregnancy. In fact, your baby is already moving and first reflexes occur because the sensibility of the skin already exists. However, for most women, it is not until the 20th week of pregnancy that the first movements are noticeable as a small swing or flutter. For women who are expecting their second child, this can happen from the 17th week of pregnancy.

  • Baby in the womb after 13 weeks
  • How big is your baby in the 13th week of pregnancy?
  • There is a small plum in your stomach in the 13th week of pregnancy. At least by the measure: Your baby is now 6,6-10 cm tall and weighs about 28 grams. This weight is approximately equal to the weight of a slice of toast.

Your body in the 13th week of pregnancy

One of the main reasons you may feel truly pregnant by the 13th week is possibly your growing waist circumference. Your favorite pants are a bit tight now and maybe it’s about time to switch to the sweet maternity clothes that you’ve been looking at for some time. Just make sure you’re wearing comfortable, loose pants, tops, and dresses. Treat yourself by going for a shopping with your best friend! There are many stores that specialize in maternity wear. Even the big department stores carry special clothing for the next few months of your pregnancy. If you are a bit shaky on the legs, online shopping offers a convenient alternative.

Now is the time to announce the good news outside your immediate circle.

13th week of pregnancy: your symptoms

Many women describe the second trimester as the most beautiful time of pregnancy. The physical symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy (tiredness, nausea, urinary frequency and pulling in the abdomen) disappear from the 13th week of pregnancy and you can really enjoy your new circumstances. Many pregnant women now even experience a veritable boost of energy.

13 Weeks Pregnant what to Expect

Smell and taste. You’ve probably already noticed that both have changed in the last few weeks. What used to be your favorite food may suddenly cause nausea and certain odors will make you uncomfortable. Why exactly this is so, is difficult to determine. Avoid anything that seems to be against you. Your body will show you what is good for you and your baby.
Dizziness. Sudden drop in blood pressure (for example, getting up too quickly from a seated or standing position) may cause mild dizziness even during this time. Especially during the warm season your circulation is more heavily loaded. Do some light sport, because it will boost your circulation. Always make sure to drink enough liquid.
Leg cramps. In pregnancy (often nocturnal) leg cramps are not uncommon. The reason for this are shifts in the fluid and mineral balance.

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13th week of pregnancy: Things you should note

For calf cramps, taking magnesium can help. Be sure to consult your gynecologist to avoid unwanted interactions. Nuts, seeds and even dark chocolate are rich in magnesium. From today you have a good excuse when you reach for a piece of chocolate in the evening on the sofa.
Perhaps your gynecologist has already alerted you of the possibility of prenatal diagnosis. Should this additional fine diagnostics come into question for you, you should make an appointment now at the latest. This particular type of examination is recommended when the pregnant woman reaches the age of 35 or, for example, hereditary diseases in the family. Of course, the decision to have the examination carried out is entirely yours. Here, two ultrasound examinations are made. The first examination should take place between the 11th and 14th week of pregnancy. They can also measure the neck fold of the embryo. This can provide information about a possible trisomy 21 disease (Down syndrome). At the second ultrasound exam, the fine diagnostician will focus on the internal organs and their function.

13 Weeks Pregnant what to Expect-ask your doctor

Let your gynecologist advise you on where you can carry out the prenatal diagnostic examinations. Your doctor will be able to provide you with comprehensive information on this topic.
If you are planning a trip in the second trimester, it is advisable to get a confirmation from the gynecologist about your ability to travel. Most airlines allow pregnant women to travel until week 35, but play safe. So nothing stands in the way of your holiday!

13th weeks pregnant What to Expect: Your checklist

Find out if a detailed diagnosis is personally suitable for you.

There are great, comfortable and beautiful pregnancy clothes – just browse once.

Enjoy the beginning of your second trimester – you have more energy and less nausea!

Do you have any plans to announce the big message to another circle?

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