Accidental Ways to Get Pregnant

Pregnancy can also occur without ejaculation if the penis comes into contact with the vaginal area. During erection a small amount of sperm Рjust a drop or two Рis excreted when a man gets an erection. This happens before ejaculation and is sometimes called pre-ejaculate. According to an interview conducted with Mary Jane Minkin, MD, who is a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine , the following are the major accidental ways to get pregnant.

15 Accidental Ways To Get Pregnant Fast

  1. Letting him take the Anal entrance.

Yup, people, it’s true. A woman can become pregnant during anal sex. How can this be? The sperm does not always get in the back during sexual intercourse. According to Minkin: “Even if he penetrates rectally, he can deposit a little sperm fluid around the opening of the vagina. Let’s face it, the vagina and the rectum are very close.”

2. Open a condom with your teeth.

Two words: slow down. In the heat of the moment, running and using teeth to get the thing open is a no-no. You can accidentally puncture the condom without realizing it (the same applies to scissors). Minkin suggests that you or your partner opens it with your fingers on one of the notches.

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3. Dry rocking with your underwear on.

We all know that dry bouncing without underwear can cause a pregnancy, but did you know that you can still get pregnant with your underwear? Although rare, Minkin says it is possible if the man’s sperm is leaking through the opening of his boxer shorts or the woman’s underwear is pressed to the side, causing an opening for the sperm to reach the vagina.

4. You can become pregnant if you are already pregnant.

Spirit = blown. This is a strange (and unusual) phenomenon that is called superfetation, according to Minkin. It happens when you are already pregnant and keep ovulating. The second fertilized egg implant implants in the lining of the uterus, resulting in a second pregnancy.

5. Use of oil-based lubricants with condoms.

Oil-based lubricants and condoms do not mix. Although many lubricants are completely safe to use with condoms, oil-based lubricants such as vaseline are not. According to Minkin, these types of lubricants can degrade the latex and create microscopic holes in the condom, increasing your chances of knocking.

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6. Playing in the bath Tube without even having sex.

You can get pregnant in the pool or in the pool, even without putting the tip in! Minkin says, “Every time you end up with sperm or seminal fluid around the vulva, you can get guys in there.” It is not super likely, but it is not impossible either.

7. Even if you use the pill regularly, you can still become pregnant.

Although it significantly reduces your chances of getting pregnant (more than 99% in fact), it is still not 100% effective – even if you never miss a pill. (This also applies to other forms of birth control, such as the IUD, the diaphragm, the cervical cap, etc.) Minkin says, “Every birth control method has a small degree of failure associated with it.”

8. When “sticky” fingers penetrate your vagina.

Minkin says that if he’s just “done” and still has something on his hand, it’s possible that his boys can find a new home … in you.

9.Not leaving any space on the tip of the condom.

If no space is left on the tip, this could potentially cause sperm to flow out, Mikin says. You get it.

10. If you have sex with a man who has had a vasectomy.

Vasectomies are just like any other form of birth control, which means that they cannot be 100% effective. Minkin says, “Vasectomies do not take effect immediately, so the urologist recommends a follow-up sperm analysis a few months later to see if he is completely clear.” Moreover, it is possible that the cut off areas grow back.

11. It is even possible to become pregnant after you have tied your tubes(tuba ligation).

Just as with a vasectomy, the tubular ligation is also not 100% effective. Minkin says it can have a failure rate of 1%. That said, tuba ligation is still generally a great way to prevent pregnancy.

12. Have sex when you are on your period.

Sperm can live up to five days in your life! That means that if you have sex by the end of your bleeding and ovulate early, you can think of it, Minkin says.

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13. If you take the morning after pill.

Emergency contraception reduces your chance of becoming pregnant, but it is not entirely possible for you to become pregnant. Minkin confirms that if the pill is taken within 24 hours, it is approximately 95% effective. However, the longer you wait, the less effective it becomes. The use of regular contraception is more effective and cost effective (a morning after the pill can cost between $ 35- $ 60).

14. Use of Expired or old condoms, especially those that have been exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

These things don’t last forever, people. If your partner takes a condom out of his wallet, you may want to think twice. Minkin recommends the use of a condom that has not expired, because over time the latex can weaken and lose elasticity. In the same tone, a condom that has been exposed to hot and cold elements can also be affected.

15. Follow or check your fertility.

Don’t get me wrong – the sense of fertility is great. It is always a good idea to understand your body and to know approximately when you are ovulating. But it’s not a guaranteed way to keep you from getting pregnant. Minkin says remember that sperm can live in you for up to five days, so even if you had sex if you were not ovulating, you could ovulate a few days later and that sperm may still be there, increasing your chances of fertilization.

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