is it normal not to have morning sickness when pregnant

Why do we always ask this question “is it normal not to have morning sickness when pregnant” ? Maybe you heard your mother complaining how sick she felt when she was carrying you right!.Maybe your pregnant friend can not get out of bed because of morning sickness. Yet you are pregnant and you have no symptoms of morning sickness at all. But is it normal not to have morning sickness during pregnancy?

In short, yes! As long as your doctor is happy with your hormonal levels and the development of the embryo, it is just a happy moment if you do not have morning sickness.

What is morning sickness?

You’ve probably heard pof this, but if you’ve never experienced it, you’re probably wondering what morning sickness is. Morning sickness is nausea, vomiting or having both  first in the morning. It usually happens during the first trimester, but that is usually not a rule. Some women suffer from morning sickness during the whole pregnancy. Others experience this with sporadic events. And others may never feel it during the whole pregnancy.

This condition poses no risk to mother and baby, but can negatively affect Mama’s quality of life for a certain period of time. Nausea is the most common symptom and about one third of expectant mothers also experience vomiting.

Although morning sickness is normal, it can in rare cases become a life-threatening condition. This happens when vomiting is severe, as this can cause dehydration and uncontrolled weight loss. However, this is rare and the condition is usually more annoying than dangerous.

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Another thing to know is that morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the first trimester. The condition can appear at any time during pregnancy. Sporadic episodes in which nausea and vomiting come and go are also common as pregnancy signs and symptoms.

And in a situation where you are not experiencing morning sickness,this is completely normal, as long as your pregnancy is being monitored and your gynecologist says you do not have to worry.

What causes morning sickness?

Although it is a common condition, it is not yet certain why morning sickness occurs. It is believed that the condition is related to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Another factor could be the low blood sugar level.

External factors, such as stress and fatigue, can also cause morning sickness during pregnancy.

Asides all these, even if you have had morning sickness during one pregnancy, this does not mean that you will experience it again. Or, even if you were lucky the first time, it can hit you when you least expect it during the upcoming pregnancies.

Is it normal not to have morning sickness when pregnant?

Not having normal sickness during pregnancy is completely normal. About 30% of all pregnant women do not suffer from this symptom, although in rare cases it can be a sign of miscarriage.

If you have never had morning sickness and your gynecologist says that your pregnancy is going well, you do not have to worry. Because the morning sickness simply disappears one day, it is not experienced one morning after you have felt awful for a while, also no indication for a miscarriage.

If you are worried about symptoms that suddenly disappear, go for test to check  your hormonal levels if it is all normal.

Therefore it is normal not to have morning sickness. Do not overcharge, keep your hormonal levels under control and watch out for all the other symptoms that can indicate a miscarriage to make sure everything runs smoothly.


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