post pregnancy workout plan

Whether you stayed active and healthy during your pregnancy or not, there will be some unwanted pounds that you would like to lose. While jumping back into your old routine may seem like the best course of action, but this might not be that simple to achieve.Below we have completed the 11 best fitness tips and post pregnancy workout plan for new mothers to help you regain your pre-baby body!

11 Post Pregnancy Workout Plan for New Moms

1. Try morning workouts

Although you may not be a morning person, waiting until the afternoon or until after work may be demanding too much from you. Moms duties tend to build as the day progresses, so make sure you avoid training before the list gets too long. If you have problems with motivating yourself, you should read some of these quotation marks to prepare yourself.

Many gyms now offer fitness classes in the early morning, keeping you motivated and consistent.

2. Plan your workouts

Just as you would for a meeting or an appointment, you plan the time for your training. Training is usually the part of life that is most often held in the background for new mothers, so making it a priority by dividing it into your day helps to create consistency.

3. Make a plan

Do not waste your precious time when you wonder at the gym when you get there. If you are not going to a fitness class (where someone else comes to the exercises), make sure you have a plan on what you want to train before going to the gym.

4. Train with your children

If you don’t have time for yourself to go for training, Then let your children join you.Basically time is crucial for new mothers, sometimes things do not always go as planned. Instead of completely abandoning the training, you can fix your child in his or her stroller and go outside! Not only can you walk or run with your child, but you can also do other body weight exercises such as lunges, squats and push-ups. Go to a nice park for a walk or run and use the benches for exercises such as step-ups or triceps-dips!

As children grow older, park workouts are a great way to keep your child outdoors and be active while you also have time to train.

5. Split your workoutget fit after pregnancy

Too often we think that a training should be done in one hour. Not true! Squeeze a small workout if you can – even if it takes 10 minutes.

Body weight exercises are simple and require no extra equipment. Perform squats, lunges, planks and push-ups at home when you have a few extra minutes for yourself. If you go further, you can add 10 pounds of dumbbells to the exercises to make them even harder.

6. Try workout DVDs

As a new mother, there are some days when the mind simply refuses to focus. On such days try make your own workout a little more difficult, so we recommend that you purchase a few postpartum pregnancy DVDs. There is a lot to choose from, but every postpartum pregnancy DVD is geared towards new mothers with fast but efficient workouts that sweat, burn calories and soothe your muscles.

7. Look at Girdles for support

Depending on the pregnancy, some mothers may have difficulty returning to a training regimen. Whether it was a difficult natural birth or there is an incision in the C-section to worry about, a postpartum belt or girdles can be very useful for new mothers.

Postpartum belts can :post pregnancy workout plan

  • speed up the healing process
  • reduce water retention binding the abdomen
  • shrink the belly, waist and hips
  • provide comfort and support
  • reduce back pain
  • improve posture
  • protect and help with incision healing in the C-section
  • Choose a postpartum belt based on your needs – whether that protects the incision in
  • the C-section or simply inserts it into the stomach for extra support.

8. Create a small home gym

Home gym does not need to have the latest and best equipment. Basic equipment such as a pair or medium to heavy dumbbells and a few resistance bands in your home. These pair of devices are also incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Do you remember those 10-minute training sessions that we talked about earlier? Use dumbbells or resistance bands to create and build strength while you train your body at home!

The beauty of this is that you do not have to go to the gym for a solid workout. Just grab your resistance bands or dumbbells as the baby sleeps and go to work!

9. Take the time

It is important to take your time when it comes to postpartum fitness. Although the body is unbelievable (it is only a few months!), It should also be done before pregnancy.

10. Find a fitness friend

Try training with a Buddy.One of the best ways to stay fit is to find someone who is trying to do the same. Or the person who just delivered a baby or not – the fact that you both want to get in shape and want to become healthier is something great.

11. Give yourself a break

Sometimes you only need to train once a week – that’s good! Just like learning to be a new mom takes time, the same way with fitness routine. Although it can be daunting not to see that your front body  quickly comes back as you had hoped.With the routine the pre-baby body will definitely get back its normal shape.!

Going back to your pre-baby weight can make a mission seem impossible, but it is only a matter of patience and consistency. Follow the above tips to get yourself back in the gym and back in those pre-baby clothes! Feel free to add your experience and comment below.


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